Friday the 13th on the scale
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Everybody's workin' off the weekend

Workin off the weekend
After Friday's craptastic scale reading, I've been trying to figure out what the heck happened. Seriously, I didn't do anything differently, except exercise more, and I gained 4 pounds in 10 days.

I knocked off a pound over the weekend but I'm perplexed and annoyed. Why does my body work so hard to stay at a weight it really shouldn't be?

So annoying.

I know I shouldn't focus on the scale, but dang it, I am, and I need it to go down NOW. I'm not getting to a "happy weight," I'm not losing "vanity pounds" -- these are "get me below 200" pounds.

If I were 6-foot-2 it might be a different story but I'm 5-foot-5 so I should not weigh over 200.

Am I discouraged? A little. Defeated? Heck, no. This is going to happen and happen sooner rather than later. I just have to set fire to my set-point weight.