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DeliverLean: How does it taste?

Now that my DeliverLean week is over, I have to cook again. (Actually, I was cooking for my guys but now we're all on the same plate, so to speak.)

Deliverlean logoSo how was the food? Some thoughts:

  • The meals are large – no tiny, dollhouse food.
  • No silly sauces or preparations – just really good food, prepared and seasoned well. Every calorie is accounted for in a smart way.
  • The food is super fresh – the hot meals just take a minute in the microwave and the salads are crisp and not at all wilted.
  • Customer service is great – if you have any requests or dislikes (like my absolute hatred of fennel), just let them know.
  • Onjuice upskale
    OnJuice's UpsKale juice
    I tried three of their cold-pressed OnJuice juices, and one of them, Pina Kale Lotta, was really good. I was surprised that I'd like it because while I like kale, I don't usually like it in juices or smoothies, and they magically found a way to hide it in the blend of pineapple, cucumber and kale. Another big surprise -- the UpsKale blend of celery, cucumber, kale, parsley and lime.
  • I also got a sample of one of their gluten-free cookies from the Baked by DeliverLean line of desserts. You can sub out a dessert for one of the meals so it can fit into your weight-loss plan. Often gluten-free cookies are pretty crumbly and starchy, but this chocolate chipper was really good.

And now for some photos!

Remember what I said last week about always taking any frozen or delivered meal out of the plastic container and putting it on a plate? Here's why:

Deliverlean before and after
Now doesn't that meal of grilled chicken, roasted vegetables and quinoa look much better on a plate than crammed into a black plastic container?

Deliverlean quinoa bean salad
Here's another great meal -- a quinoa salad with goat cheese, vegetables and beans. Super filling, colorful and full of fiber.

The week of meals was a great way to reframe my portions and discover that if the food is real food jam-packed with nutrients and flavor, I don't need a trough of salad to feel full. I also learned some great salad ideas.

Want to give it a try? (Remember, it's South Florida only, from Jupiter to Kendall.) You can sign up for 1 month at $24.99 per day and get three days free.

This is a compensated review for DeliverLean, but the opinions expressed are completely my own.