Do not feed the bear!
Tunes for Tuesday: This Is How We Do It, by Montell Jordan

It's the one thing

Greetings from 9 p.m., otherwise known as The Danger Zone.

Last week you met the Friendly Polar Bear and this is when he starts stirring.

Shhhh ... you don't want to wake him.

I was able to avoid the kitchen twice last week, but twice isn't enough to lose weight. I stayed the same but noticed that the nights that I did avoid the kitchen, the scale went down the next morning.


I'm going to write my blog posts from right here at Danger Zone's Ground Zero. I have two 24-ounce bottles filled with water sitting next to me so that I don't have to go into the kitchen to get anything to drink.

The Weight Shrink and I figured that if I do a "brain dump" at this time of night, I'll be less likely to cave into the polar bear.

So here's what's going through my head...

I have some really lovely organic nectarines in the fridge and I'd really like one right now.

I think my stomach is growling.

Why is the light on in the kitchen? I should go turn it off.


The polar bear is very chatty, and while his food choices are good, they're just something I don't need after dinner.

It's the one thing that has tripped me up this whole time. The one thing.

So all I have to work on is one thing.

One big stinkin' thing.

The exercise component has been great -- I've been averaging 4-5 times a week with two of those days as strength training. My Fitbit has been very happy with me, and it'll be fully charged for my weekend trip to Baltimore for Fitbloggin'. Nothing like a conference to rack up the steps on a Fitbit!

I'll try and squeeze in another post before I leave for Fitbloggin' but there's packing to be done and whatnot. Really looking forward to connecting with all my bloggy pals and touring the McCormick HQ on Thursday. If you're going to Fitbloggin' and you're in town Thursday morning, there's still time to sign up for the tour HERE.

I'll leave you tonight with The One Thing, from INXS in all their '80s hair glory: