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I have medal envy

Shrinkingsisterssummer2012Gail and I are tracking our activity with the Fitbit, an awesome little device that you clip on yourself that monitors your activities (steps, stairs, calories burned) and even your quality of sleep. 

What it also does is motivate you by awarding medals.  You get a medal for every 5,000 steps you take and every 10 flights of stairs you climb.  You can also "friend" other Fitbit users, which I have done with my sister.

Fitbit medalSunday, Gail was awarded a medal for traveling 50 miles in steps, which made me jealous. It made me regret the two days that I went without wearing my Fitbit, which allowed her to pull ahead in the total step tally.

That's a great motivating tool for me -- I've become highly competitive.  

So far today, I've been awarded my 5,000 step medal.

Oh, and I also discovered a new fave food -- green mango with vinegar and salt. Have you ever had a slightly unripe banana? It's like that but the vinegar cuts the astringent quality making it slightly sweet with a hint of mango.

Fitbit provided Gail and Carol Fitbit Ultras for the Shrinking Sisters Summer Spectacular.