Get fit Friday: Sometimes, it's not pretty
Tunes for Tuesday: Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now, by McFadden & Whitehead

Motivation Monday: Lessons learned

I'm back down to pre-baby weight again this week, thanks in part to the tweak I put into place last Monday -- instead of flying by the seat of my pants, foodwise, I'm planning the day ahead of time. Worked like a charm.

But that's not the only rule I put into this past week, so let's recap what worked for me and could work for you:

Write it before you bite it: Plan your day before you start peeking into the pantry. You won't be surprised at the end of the day and find yourself eating celery and egg whites for dinner. The one day when I didn't plan my meals, I wound up eating a weird and unsatisfying mishmash of cereal and milk and soup (not all together -- it was random kitchen wandering).

Don't go overboard: I'm doing Weight Watchers Online and I have found that when I only use no more than half those weekly bonus Points I lose weight. When I used 'em all, I either didn't lose weight or gained.

Don't sweat the small stuff: I gave myself permission to use as many Crystal Light Pure packets as I wanted. At first, I'd count those 30 calories and not use more than one a day. But then I'd do something silly like grab for a box of cereal, and in the long run that 30 calories of water flavoring was a lot fewer than the handfuls of cereal. So I decided to drink them with abandon. But really, it never came to more than two a day. And when I drank two that meant I was getting in 8 glasses of water a day because I used a quart of water with the packet -- not the 16 ounces that the box recommends.

Stay true to yourself: I've been sticking with the no-wheat pledge and have been finding it really easy to follow. It started out as an experiment after reading the book Wheat Belly (can I really do that?) but I soon realized that my volatile tummy is quiet and happy without it. By putting the focus on health instead of "dieting" I let my husband and son polish off the bread at dinner Friday night while I happily ate my crouton-free salad.

Every damn day shirtEvery damn day: I've had a cold since last Tuesday but it hasn't been enough to send me into bed all day. As soon as the gunk cleared, I laced up the sneakers and headed out for a walk. No, I didn't set any land speed records and there may or may not have been a snot rocket launched (more about that HERE), but the weather has cooled off and there was no way I was going to stay indoors. And I think the exercise may have done more for me than the Sudafed. I saw a woman in the grocery store wearing the shirt at left, and I hunted one down on eBay to celebrate my weight loss this week.

All simple, all effective. Think I'll "just do it" again this week!