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My BlogHer highlight: Bob Harper's workout

Me and bob

I'm at BlogHer in San Diego this weekend, and while there are oodles of seminars, lunches and parties, the one thing that I absolutely could not miss was this morning's workout with Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper (I know, right?).

The folks at Quaker, who sponsored the workout and the breakfast, had told me Friday that it was going to be just some "yoga and stretching." Uh, no. It was one of Bob's signature workouts, heavy on the lower-body work. My legs were screaming. And while I can slack off and curse at the TV while doing one of Bob's DVDs, it's a whole other can of whup-ass when he's there, live. (But I did tell him that this was the part of the workout where I start swearing at him at home.)

After the workout, he told his people that he needed to get a photo with me. I strategically wore my Jillian Michaels "Finish It!" shirt because I know the two are pals.

Worked out fabulously, as you can see in the photo above. Much thanks to One Mom Media for uploading the photo.


Want a couple of bits of music off Bob's playlist? He's a big fan of the songs Down With the Trumpets, by Rizzle Kicks and Heaven by Emeli Sande.