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Go-to lunches, and a Fiber One giveaway

Last week, I let you in on my go-to breakfasts and today we'll talk lunch. Here are a few of my "no-brainer" meals that I love:

  • Turkey Wrap Variety Show: Take a tablespoon of your favorite hummus and spread it on a 100-calorie wrap, like a Flatout. Then layer on a couple ounces of turkey breast and a handful of baby spinach. Wrap and voila! Lunch. Replace the hummus with guacamole, add a few pickled jalapenos and you have a Mexican version. Or skip the guac or hummus and spread a Laughing Cow Light wedge on the wrap for cheesy goodness.
  • My Ninja Quiche: I came up with this one after I bought my Ninja food processor (which Consumer Reports loves, by the way). There are myriad ways to vary this dish -- use turkey or ham, lowfat Swiss, jack or Cheddar cheese, broccoli or spinach, and whatever Mrs. Dash floats your boat. There also are different varieties of Egg Beaters, so go nuts.
  • The Big Salad: I admit, I'm a lazy butt when it comes to salad fixings. Every week I buy a big clamshell container of Organicgirl baby spinach and one of romaine lettuce. That way I can just grab a bunch for an instant salad. All you need to do then is add in some protein, like tuna or the aforementioned turkey and some carby things like garbanzos. Add your favorite healthy dressing and you're done.
  • Shakeology smoothie: Believe me, I have tried to find a better-tasting, lower priced chocolate whey protein smoothie and I simply can't. Everything else comes up bland, chalky or not chocolatey enough. (Ugh, that was one week of disappointing chocolate smoothies.) My go-to Shakeology smoothie is 8 ounces of almond milk, a scoop of chocolate Shakeology, half a frozen banana, a bunch of cinnamon and crushed ice. It also gets buzzed in my Magic Bullet (perfect for single-serve smoothies) until smooth. But make sure you get some good straws. I had bought some skinny cheapos and nearly gave myself a migraine trying to suck up the frosty awesomeness.

But back to breakfast -- free cereal!

FiberOneprizepackphoto Fiber One has a new Honey Squares cereal with only 80 calories per serving. We got samples at Fitbloggin' and now I have the opportunity to give a Shrinking Sisters fan a prize pack containing a box of the cereal, a sensor pedometer with USB connector to chart your walking progress, and a neoprene MP3 holder with arm strap.

The cereal is a sweetened little corn square and makes a great breakfast or snack for when you're tight on calories.

All you need to do is tell me your go-to breakfast or lunch in the comments. I'll randomly choose a winner on Tuesday, July 12 at 5 p.m. ET. That's not only my 19th wedding anniversary (I know!) but it's also the Baseball All-Star Game (how romantic!).

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Disclosure: Fiber One sent me a prize pack and will send an additional one for the giveaway. No other compensation was received.