Wordy Wednesday: Scale junkie
Motivation Monday: Extreme moderation!

Get fit(book) Friday: Filch a fantastic fitbook for free!

FitbookPINK So guess what? Angela Manzanares, the mastermind behind the fitbook, my favorite weight-loss journal, just up and gave me two copies of the limited-edition fitbook PINK, which benefits breast cancer. They won't even be available again until October but you can score one from me.

I'm constantly trying out various ways of journaling food and exercise and I keep coming back to the Fitbook. It provides places to plan out your day, your week, even the entire 12-week book if you like to think big picture.

It's a spiral-bound 5.5 by 5.5 inch size and comes with a little pen that slides into the spiral spine, so it's perfect to tote around the house, take to work or stash in your bag so you can keep track of your dinner out.

Every day there are places to write down your strength, cardio or flexibility workouts, jot down notes and keep a food log with plenty of space for calorie and/or nutrient tracking.

At the end of each week you have a Weekly Wrap Up, where you check off whether you did your workout, your inspirations, and the good and not-so-good parts of your week. At the beginning of the next week, you can preplan your workouts and write down your weight, body fat percentage and your goals for working out and nutrition. There's even a place to jot down a reward you're planning should you meet those goals.

I've been using it (again) faithfully for the past two weeks and I'm already down an amazing (for me) 4 pounds. I used to think that I had to be accountable to others for weight-loss success -- turns out just being truthful and accountable to myself every day can work wonders.

Now, how can you win a fitbook? Just these three things:

  1. Tell me in the comments section what you use now to track your workouts/food and why it works for you and your current 12-week goal that you’d like to track using the fitbook if you win. [1 entry]
  2. Follow Shrinking Sisters on Facebook and me on twitter [1 entry]
  3. Follow fitbook on Twitter & Facebook  [1 entry]

You have until 11:59 p.m. ET, Friday, Aug. 5, to enter the fabulous fitbook fiesta. After that I'll choose the winner, get your info and a brand new fitbook will be winging its way to you.

Why, this makes me want to dance -- everybody dance!

(Yeah, the video is ridiculously over the top, but I love Cee Lo)