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DJ Pauly Salmon?
My pal, Lynn, had posted a link on her Facebook page to THIS story about genetically-engineered salmon written by chef Rick Moonen. He writes:

... the creation of these frankenfish for mass consumption should not be approved. It's simply against nature and is a huge step back in the worldwide movement to eat local, organic and sustainably.

So I posted a crack about fish more juiced up than a character on Jersey Shore (and just as orange).

(I know! Again with the ridiculous Jersey Shore photo illustrations! Sorry.)

I'm not a fan of genetically-altered foods -- I simply don't know what kind of effect eating them will have on humans. And I really don't think scientists know either. It's all pretty new.

In terms of obesity and weight loss, what is more scary than eating an animal that is bred to grow bigger and faster than the conventional animal? Believe me, the last thing I need is "bigger, faster" residue in my system.

I switched to largely organic meat, poultry and dairy products after realizing that the "bargain chicken breasts" were unnaturally huge, tasteless and pale. And the cheap rotisserie chickens I was buying had tons of fat on 'em.

Why does the world need gargantuan salmon? We already have gargantuan people who don't need their food bigger and faster.

If wild salmon is too expensive, then don't eat it. Eat beans, Or just eat wild salmon less often. Like I keep saying, small amounts of the real deal are always better than cheap, fake substitutions.