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'If you fail to plan, you plan to fail'

Write it before you bite it

Part of my weight-loss success this past week (5 pounds, thanks for asking!) was successfully writing down my food and exercise.

The week before, I gained weight. And I was annoyed. My "team" at Cleveland Clinic asked whether I'd be keeping track of my food. Problem was, I was doing a little online and a little on paper -- a half-assed job of both. So I started writing it down.

Fitbook And when I say writing, I don't mean "click-click-click-enter." No, it's old-school pen on paper. I have tried countless food journals, and there are half-filled journals littering my house as evidence. But I finally found one that I'll be able to stick with -- the Fitbook by Fitlosophy.

Various Twitter and Facebook friends had been raving about it so I set about to find one. Lo and behold they sell them at my gym. 

And because of its compact, square shape I can carry it everywhere. It's around 6 by 6 inches with a sturdy spiral spine into which a cute little Fitbook pen resides. Every week for 12 weeks you write down your weekly goals, and every day there's a separate page for exercise and one for a food log.

I had been writing down food as I nibbled along, but that can get me in trouble if I start tallying things up and discover that there are no calories left for dinner. So spinning around the phrase "bite it and write it" I now "write it and bite it." I try and plan out my day beforehand so there are no surprises. And if the meals add up to less than my allotted calories, I know I have room for extras.

An update on Carol

Her surgery went well and she's awake and talking.  But no head-banging yet.