How much weight can I lose blowing my nose?
Fish gone wild

The road to hell is paved with barbecue sauce

Empty-bottle I threw out a little stack of barbecue sauce containers that my mom insisted I have.

That smoky, sweet, sticky, syrupy stuff can be my undoing.

Sure it's just a chicken breast, but add a hundred calories of hickory-smoked goo and it becomes dinner and dessert.

Crap like barbecue sauce is what gets me into big trouble. Barbecue sauce, salad dressing, ketchup,  marmalade, Thai sweet chili sauce (oh, how I love it).  All those blasted condiments.

It's all mostly sugar, with a little fat thrown in for bad measure. It's not food, per se, right?

Those invisible calories have got to go. Because I don't do a little dab of barbecue sauce or ketchup -- I drown food in it.

To make up for the sauce sabbatical, I'm breaking out the Mrs. Dash and balsamic vinegar. No syrups, no salt but lots of flavor -- especially the Mrs. Dash chipotle flavor. 

Yet another thing I'm doing differently in 2010.