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Tunes for Tuesday: Hula Hoop, by Brenmar, featuring UNiiQU3

Saw this video at the gym yesterday. The song itself is your typical techno dance stuff but the video makes me want to bust out the FXP Hula Hoop I was sent a few months ago. It's a portable weighted Hula Hoop that comes with a carrying bag, a non-slip mini mat for setting it on its side for standing moves and a DVD. When I was a kid I had an awesome orange Hula Hoop with "shakey-shakey" noisemakers in it, and I haven't hooped since. Maybe I'll give it a go. I'm kind of heartened that the workout poster shows a lot more moves than the around-the-waist, which I can't seem to master.

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Tunes for Tuesday: A Change Would Do You Good, by Sheryl Crow

This is one of my touchstone songs -- every time I find myself stuck I start singing this song to get things moving in a different direction.

This week I'm singing it to the scale because it has been stuck for nearly a month, and I know that the culprit is carbs. So I'm making more room for protein, produce and healthy fats and less room for the starchy, sweet stuff. But I did notice one really cool thing this weekend -- just for kicks I put a teaspoon of sugar in my coffee, took a sip and realized that I really don't like my coffee sweet any more. The sugar was a "treat yo'self" moment and it totally backfired in a good way!

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