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Sloppy jeans, sinuses and Miley Cyrus sledgehammers

Someone to watch over me

Today, I'm officially lower than I've been since the mid-'90s. Couple weeks ago, I was 234.6 but then the scale jumped up and I've been working to get back to that spot and now I'm there.

But now I have an ally looking out for me and my stats -- my Retrofit advisor, who looks at my exercise stats, my meal logs and my weigh-ins. 

She asks me questions throughout the week and keeps me on the straight and narrow, which is way better than winging it on my own. 

She suggests things to do during the week, like adding veggies to my turkey meatloaf recipe or getting caught up on workouts. I really appreciate the extra set of eyes.

I've been getting caught up on doctor's appointments this week, which cut into my exercise time (I know, bad excuse!). Yesterday I did the routine bloodwork thing, which always makes me nervous. Because no matter how often I exercise or how healthy I eat, I know that age and weight can do nasty things to a person.