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I don't have to be an athlete: A self pep talk

My shoes
My workout tools.

Weekends can be tough on Facebook. All my pals doing triathlons, marathons, slogging through mud pits and doing other feats of athletic prowess.

I say to myself: "And what are you doing? Sitting on your can, watching football."

I can't help but compare myself to others -- it's just what I do. 

And I beat myself up because I only walk 8 or 9 miles a week and do strength training one or two days a week..

Americans, on average, exercise around 2 hours a week.

I figure I do about twice that, so yay, me!

I have to keep reminding myself of something I was told by one of the doctors at the Non-Surgical Weight Loss program at the Cleveland Clinic Florida, which I did a few summers ago:

"You exercise for health; you eat to lose weight."

So running myself ragged at the gym or pounding miles and miles outside isn't really going to get me there any faster. In fact, when I start to ramp up my workouts, I find myself gaining weight, which is what happened last Friday on the scale. 

Then I read a couple of reassuring things today -- one was an article in USA Today that said brisk walking is great for keeping both diabetes and breast cancer at bay. The operative word was "brisk," so today I stepped up my pace by a full mile per hour.

And then tonight, Amber from the blog Go Kaleo wrote about the benefits of walking:

"It isn’t sexy or rapid or extreme (the things that sell diet books) but walking works. It works really well, and it can work for your whole life." 

Right? Thanks, Amber, I needed to read that. I adore going out and exploring my neighborhood. Heck, I even enjoy sweating buckets like I did today.

I do enjoy a 5k from time to time, and I've done two of them so far this year. But a marathon may not be in the cards for me. (Damn! Even writing that makes me feel guilty! Gotta get over that.)

As long as I keep doing what I love and do it consistently (ahhh, consistency!) I'll be good on the exercise front.