Time for a gut check -- literally
Tunes for Tuesday: Acapella, by Karmin

I'm going to be one of 'those people' with wheat

No cookies for gail
I successfully avoided wheat products over the weekend and I've been feeling fantastic. No heartburn no matter what I consume. Coffee is cool (whew!) and Mexican is fine, so I may break out the bottle of Cholula to celebrate.

Best side effect is that my midsection seems to be flattening out -- all without doing one sit-up.

That said, I'm not running to the store for gluten-free cookies and pizza. Instead, I'm just seeking out naturally GF foods, which abound.

Carla doesn't know it, but I look to her as my "spirit guide" -- MizFit has been eating this way for decades and doesn't make a big deal about it at all, so that's what I'm going to do.

(If you give a Gail a cookie, she'll just say "no thanks" and not go into a whole spiel about gut flora.)

I thought I had an appointment with a gastroenterologist this morning, but I read the appointment e-mail wrong -- it's next month. (I thought it was strange that the office would be open on Labor Day ... duh.)

So I've got a month to see how my wheat avoidance makes me feel, so I can drive the poor doctor crazy with a billion questions.