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To sleep, perchance to lose some weight

Get in bed
Kinda apropos that I'm writing this post at 10 at night. This is what I do after everyone goes to bed -- watch TV, surf the Web, surf the pantry, surf the fridge ...


I (and Roni) have renewed our vow to hit the hay in our respective homes earlier to get more sleep. We said we were going to do it, and at least for me, that plan got pushed back and back and back, and next thing I know it's 1 a.m.

But today was the first day of high school for the kid (yikes!) and I had to take him to school instead of the husband, who had to get to work extra early. So I set my Fitbit to buzz me awake at 6:45. The Fitbit software lets you schedule the alarm for one time or repeating times. I was just going to schedule it for today but I said "No, Monday through Friday! Get your day started earlier and get to bed earlier."

I figure the more I'm sleeping, the less I'm eating.

And I know I've said this before, but more and better sleep quality helps with weight loss. When you're sleep deprived, your hormones get out of whack, which makes you even hungrier than you normally are. And I'm already hungry all the time.

So ... good night!

Oh! And if you want a little fun reading, I got back from the Zumba Convention in Orlando, Fla., and wrote this article on Zumba's influence on music: