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To sleep, perchance to lose some weight

Hello from Zumba World!

Sherri shepherd keynote Zumba Convention 2013 Orlando
Sherri Shepherd was hilarious at the Zumba Convention kickoff gathering. This year I brought the real camera and took loads of photos.

Poking my head in to say hi from Orlando, Fla. I'm knee deep in audio transcripts and scribbled notes from the annual Zumba Instructor Convention, which is probably the most fun a person can have covering an event. 

I've already watched Zumba creator Beto Perez play against his own avatar on a new Xbox game, interviewed Sherri Shepherd and Sean Paul, watched an impressive Fitness Concert with 8,000 instructors all dancing in time to the music and got to be one of the first people ever to try out a top-secret new Zumba workout. I actually had to sign a non-disclosure agreement about it, so I'll let you know all about it later this year.

I also got to play "Zumba Santa Claus" and brought Fitbloggin' Zumba Queens Sue O'Lear and Samantha Collins to a kickoff cocktail party where they got their photos taken with Beto and celeb instructor Kass Martin.

I also got to hang out last night with Alina and Robin, two former newspaper pals who are also Zumba instructors. (I apparently know a lot of Zumba instructors.)

I've locked myself in my hotel room with a bag of baby carrots and I'm not coming out until I have one of my articles written and all the photos uploaded. 

There's a scale in my hotel bathroom and although today is my usual weigh-in day, I'm not using the scale because it's not MY scale and I'm not going to make myself nutso on any fluctuations. I'm just going to make sure to exercise when I can, move as much as possible (just not right now) and seek out vegetables.