The yin and yang of eating on vacation, or ‘Yay me!’
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My post-Fitbloggin’ lament and love letter

 At the first Fitbloggin’ in 2010 I was 250. In 2011 and 2012 I was in the 240s. This year I was in the 230s.

Progress, yes, but GLACIAL.

Inconvenient truth
Not at goal: My inconvenient truth.

(Actually, the glaciers are probably melting quicker than my saddlebags, with climate change and all.)

While the weight loss has been slow, this sister has been shrinking and, yes, I was smaller than I was last year. But while I heard a few “You look greats,” all I could think was “yeah, but…”

I’m not there yet.

Where is “there”? I used to think it was 150 pounds, but really, all I want to do is get below 200 right now (like RIGHT. NOW). Last time I was, I was a size 12.

That has been my Fitbloggin’ lament year after year – I want to be one of those inspirational success-story bloggers, not one of the strugglers on their “weight loss journey.”

Ugh, how I hate that phrase. Margo of Nacho Mama’s Blog and I share the same view of that phrase. Instead of a journey, which could go on for-freakin-ever, we refer to it as a weight-loss project. Projects have end points and project managers and I am going to project-manage the heck out of this one right now because my deadline is next June for Fitbloggin’ 14.

OK, that’s the lament – now the love letter.

Fitbloggin13 collage
The people: Kymberly and Alexandra, and Susan, and Roni, and Heather, and Sharla -- you guys are the best.

Year after year, Fitbloggin’ never fails to fill me with joy. The people, the discussions, the workouts – it’s like a battery recharge for my soul. And this year my motivation battery seemed to get recharged, too. I took part in a lot of great sessions and discussions that gave me new tools and sharpened the old tools.

So I wasn’t “there” at this Fitbloggin’ but, and I’m putting this out there in the universe …



That’s the sound of my proclamation hitting the universe.

As of this weekend, I’m only 37 pounds from that particular goal, which makes me giddy with hope.

One thing I noticed while we were on vacation (and what I notice every vacation) is that I lose weight away from home, and I need to take that vacation vibe and use it at home.

  • Perhaps I should replace the full-size refrigerator in my kitchen with a tiny mini fridge stuffed with expensive booze and sodas?
  • I could put outrageous price tags on all the food in my pantry, just like the hotel room. ($10 for a handful of almonds? No thank you!)
  • I could ditch the car and walk everywhere. (But, alas, we live in the ‘burbs and there’s not much to walk to.)
  • I could plop into bed at a reasonable hour, exhausted after a fun and productive day. (Now that I can do; perhaps I should retire my night-owl ways.)

So you heard me, universe. I will be THERE.