Wordless Wednesday: You can't find this on a treadmill
I do it anyway

What a few days of sticking to it will get you

Waist 050113All I've been doing differently is not eating after 9 p.m. That's it. 

(Well, except for Tuesday night when I ate a salad.)

I started on Sunday and as of today, I am down 4 pounds. 

I've been keeping myself occupied at night by watching baseball, writing and editing and drinking things like decaf tea and stevia-sweetened lemonade. 

(But geez, those fast-food ads do NOT help things.)

This is big, people. I am not one to stick to things. I can justify anything:

It's just lettuce.

A few almonds -- it's a superfood!

Fruit is zero Points.

I've got 2 Points left; I really should use them.

That's why I left no room for error. NO. EATING. It's hard to bend the rules that way.

The key is making sure my Points are over and done with for the day before 9 p.m. There's no way I should "need" any more sustenance. 

But do I "want" to eat? Sure, but those signals are coming from my head, not my gut. When I stop and listen, the "noise" seems to disappear. It's like this:

Oooh, hungry.



Focus on your stomach.

Nope -- not hungry. 

Swig of water?

All good.