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Wordless Wednesday: Found on my walk today

Tunes for Tuesday: Podcast roundup edition

Gotta be honest -- I've been listening to podcasts more than music on my walk/jog adventures.

(I was going to regale you with my favorite baseball walkup mariachi song [Adrian Gonzalez's "El Mariachi Loco"] but I thought better of that. Some people just don't appreciate mariachi music.)

So while there's not much music going on, there is a whole lot of fun, informative information going on. Here's what fills my Nano these days (they're all available through iTunes but I'm linking to the podcasts directly if you need other ways of listening):

The Jillian Michaels Podcast: I've been listening to Jillian since she had a Sunday radio show in L.A. Those shows were made into podcasts, and after she discontinued them, fans were in a fitness funk. But in February 2011, Jillian resumed podcasting and posts a new 45ish-minute edition nearly every Monday. Her show offers much more than the "toughest trainer" persona. Jillian and her sidekick Janice chat about fitness, of course, but also food, family, emotional issues and relationship advice (Jillian half-jokingly has added a "Love Doctor" segment to the show.)

Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy: Another longtime favorite, this podcast features the two title dudes (plus "Mighty Mom" Katie Scharf), talking to fitness DVD stars, authors, star trainers and athletes. The hourlong weekly podcasts offer lots of fit-living info with a liberal dose of humor.

Robert Ferguson's Diet Free Life: Robert is one of my favorite "diet gurus." I'm reluctant to use the term "diet" because his whole philosophy is to live diet free. Robert, who has a master's degree in counseling psychology and certifications in fitness and performance nutrition, blends all those specializations into his Diet Free Life System, which he does talk about at length in his podcasts, which are recordings of his weekly Internet radio show. I love how motivating and funny Robert is and how he makes losing weight very realistic and stress-free.

Nacho Mama's Podcast: Margo Porras is a weight-loss blogger who lost over 70 pounds. She blogs and also has a podcast, where she discusses everything from Weight Watchers to reality TV to fitness with chatty humor. Her podcasts are every other week and are about an hour long. And I'm really psyched that we'll get a chance to meet in person next month at Fitbloggin'!

I've been scouring iTunes for other podcast ideas and have a few loaded up on the iPod but I haven't listened to those yet. I'll let you know how those stack up.

Until then ... oh, heck, enjoy the mariachi music!