Wordless Wednesday: The fitness brand gang riot
Tunes for Tuesday: Light em Up, by Fall Out Boy

Monday is a terrible day to weigh!

So I'm changing my weigh-in day to Friday but I'll still report on it every Monday. I'm tired of being the "weekend bloat monster" and feeling like a high-school wrestler trying to "make weight" every Monday morning with a weekend full of safe but salty foods in my system.

And this weekend was particularly salty. We had Indian food Friday night, went out for an early Mother's Day dinner at an Italian restaurant Saturday night, and last night we invited everyone over for a hot-dog party. And while everything fit into my Weight Watchers Points allowance and I made some great choices (shrimp masala, grilled chicken cacciatore with no pasta, uncured turkey hot dogs), it was a salty, salty weekend.

Boo, salt!
Since I said I was going to report on the good, bad and ugly of the scale, it's up 2 pounds from last week but I know it's ALL sodium, based on the fact that my jeans still fit me exactly the same way.

That's why I'm moving the official weigh-ins to Friday. We only go out to dinner once a week but even though the food can be super healthy and within my calories/Points, it's still loaded with sodium. By weighing in on Friday mornings, any weekend salt fiestas will have the week to resolve themselves by Friday.

And since I'm being transparent and all, lemme share with you a piece of Photoshop nonsense from last week:

Photoshop of horrors_edited-1
I was attempting to smooth out a shirt wrinkle that looked like a roll of fat so I fired up the ol' Photoshop liquify tool. Turns out, unless you're a retouching genius, Photoshopping a body against vertical stripes is a dead giveaway that you're messing with the photo, as you can tell by the closeup on the right.

Confession is good for the soul.

My 9 p.m. eating curfew has been going well, but there were a couple times I didn't finish my dinner and raced to down the leftovers at 8:59. No means no, lady!

As for the rest of my eating, my game plan this week is to eat even cleaner than I have before. This morning, for example, I sliced a cup of fresh strawberries and topped them with 6 ounces of plain nonfat Greek yogurt, a tablespoon each of honey and chopped walnuts. And it was fabulous. The only thing processed was the yogurt (sorry, I'm not making my own anytime soon). Real food mixed with other real food is simply great.

Onward and downward.