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Weight loss = Hunger: Time for a sarcastic 'hooray'

The ugly truth about weight loss (at least for me): For the scale to move in a downward direction, I have to be hungry pretty much all the time.

Hungry-hipposI don't mean "Hmmm, feeling a little peckish. Think I'll grab an apple."

It's more like a between-meal "Gaaah, giant headache, stomach turning inside out, cranky-butt HANGRY."

Which, of course, sucks.

This situation has become so ridiculous that I have awakened in the middle of the night by a growling stomach.

And, no, I am not starving myself. I'm eating every last one of my Weight Watchers Points every day, and often using a couple of those bonus Points.

In my quest to be transparent and not translucent, I'm keeping track of everything I eat, not just the ones before 10 p.m. So that handful of chocolate chips gets logged, as does the splash of half and half in the coffee and the emergency banana at Starbucks. (That goodness for those Weight Watchers zero Point fruits, but I make sure to only eat a couple pieces a day; that could get out of hand.)

It's gotta get better, right? Well, perhaps not in "weight loss mode," according to the Weight Shrink.

She has a lot of experience and success in weight loss mode -- she has lost close to 150 pounds and says she also experienced the constant growlies.

It's all a part of your body cannibalizing the excess fat. It really doesn't want to, so it constantly sends signals that say "Hey, before we go for your thighs, how 'bout some cookies?"

You're supposed to say "No, we're good. You snack on that ass fat; we'll white-knuckle it with a big bowl of spinach."

When I do that, I lose weight. But I don't like it; it's uncomfortable.


So in the short term, I'll be cranky and hungry. My long-term prize: weight loss.

I'm working on the psychological aspects of these-here Hunger Games, in hopes that in time, the physiological part will calm the heck down.