Tunes for Tuesday: Carried Away, by Passion Pit
Tunes for Tuesday: It's Not Unusual, by Tom Jones

Motivation Monday: Be transparent, not translucent

I’ve been spinning my wheels and felt the need to get things moving.

So I stopped lying.

“How many workouts did you get in last week?” the Weight Shrink would ask.

“Oh, every day!” I would fib.

“How’s the eating going?”

“Great! Doing everything right!” I would fib.

But was I?

No, not really.

Every day was really 4 or 5 days a week. “Doing everything great!” didn’t mention an ongoing love affair with a bottle of mango jam that I was putting in and on everything.

Small things, really, but for me enough to make the scale stay put.

Today I changed all that.

Everything is real. Everything gets entered, logged and tracked.

They’re only numbers – Points, pounds, minutes – but if I do them truthfully I’ll bet I can make the magic happen.

I had been translucent – vague, fuzzy, somewhat clear. But now I’m making it all crystal clear in high definition.

And that includes weighing every morning on my Withings scale -- the one I call the "concrete scale" because the number gets uploaded via WiFi to my chart. I had been only weighing in once a week on it and only after I liked the number on the regular scale.

Yeesh -- I know!

And today, because I stopped BS-ing around, I feel like I’ve made huge progress

Disclosure: Weight Watchers is providing me a three-month online membership, but really, I've been an online member for the past few months anyway, so bonus!