Tunes for Tuesday: Sweet Nothing, by Calvin Harris ft. Florence Welch
Wheat germ is back, baby! (A giveaway)

I'm a sucker for 'the thrill of the new'

New diet books, new DVDs, new fitness gizmos, new headphones, new playlists -- these crowd my home and my mind.

New-blue-splash-ink-hiI'm so into new stuff that I can't listen to oldies radio or watch reruns.

So Saturday night, as I watched hockey on TV with the dog while my guys were at the game, I said to myself (or perhaps, the dog), "Everything changes now," which made me absolutely giddy. The dog? Not so much.

I decided that I would recommit to eating normal, balanced meals and snacks and log everything on Weight Watchers Online, which falls in line with my new Simple mantra.

No fads, no miracles, no gimmicks.

And I also said "Zumba every day."

Again, the dog wasn't into it but I was.

By committing to just one workout, I simplified my whole gizmo and DVD-filled existence.

Whee! A new plan.

Sunday morning, I awakened and the first thing that popped into my head was "Everything changes now."

Same thing happened Monday, Tuesday and today.

Every day is the first day of my new and exciting plan. And every day I recommit to it.

Call it delusion but I like it – it’s new!