Showing off my mad skillet skills for BlogHer
Tunes for Tuesday: Tightrope, by Janelle Monae

The scale is finally moving -- bring on the Rockettes!

Quick update on my part of the Shrinking Sisters Summer Spectacular. Of course not being on a week of steroids would have made this more spectacular, but this week I lost nearly 2 pounds with the magical combination of diet and exercise.

237 -- booyah!

Tuesday morning update: 235.4 -- superBooyah!

Aside from sticking to my meal plan, sticking to my workout was key. I’m doing Harley Pasternak’s 5 Factor Success System DVDs, which have one for every day of the week, Monday through Friday. They’re 30 minutes long, combine cardio and strength training and I really like them. (And I just noticed that the complete set, which includes fitness and food, is 40 percent off at right now.) The Fitbit doesn't register strength-training workouts all that well, but no activity monitor does. But the step count has been good and it'll surely perk up when I head to New York.

This week I'll be jetting off for the annual BlogHer conference and I don't think I'll be derailing any success. I'll stick with Harley through Wednesday and hit the hotel gym on the days when I'm not working out with the Rockettes. (That should be fun on Friday; I am the opposite of a Rockette.)

As for food, I am Gail from Shrinking Sisters -- seeing me shove ice cream bars in my pie hole is, as we like to say in the blogging biz, "off topic." I'll be checking out the healthy products at the expo (like my chicken sausage recipe at the Hillshire Farm booth!) and talking with people who share my interests in healthy living.