Oh, thank heaven...
Tunes for Tuesday: Let's Go, by Calvin Harris, featuring Ne-Yo

If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, is it PMS?

What I’m getting at is, I don’t know how much longer I can play the PMS card when it comes to my hungries.

Without getting too TMI, the biological clock is skipping some numbers.

(Why don’t dudes get to partake of this middle-aged hootenanny? Waah.)

Editor's note: Don't ever do an image search for "menopause" -- it's freaking depressing. All these photos of cranky, gray-haired women clutching their foreheads. So I'm running the opposite.

Jule menopause
So if it’s not PMS anymore, I guess it’s just life and me being hungry all the time, which leads me to my next subject: I didn’t lose any weight this week (actually went up a pound) and I’m stinkin’ tired of it.


I’ve been doing a five-days-on, two-days-off thing with my plan of choice (Nutrisystem) and those “off” days can completely undo the “on” days if I’m not careful.

And I haven’t been all that careful.


If I don’t have any big shindigs going on during the weekend, I’m going to stick with the plan, because I love the food and the ease of choosing the entrees and adding in the fruits, vegetables and proteins to my day.

When confronted with too many choices, I tend to freeze up and randomly scrounge about the kitchen, which is why I like the flexibility within the Nutrisystem structure. There’s flexibility but not crazy, wide-open flexibility – that’s not conducive to weight loss right now.

I'm even bringing the Nutrisystem food with me this week as we "staycation" at various places. I was going to wing it, but the Weight Shrink suggested that I was coming up with too many excuses not to do the plan, and she was right. There are many entrees that can be easily slipped into a bag and supplemented with a piece of fruit, a plate of veggies or a couple ounces of tuna or chicken. So I'm doing it!

I don't know about you, but when I'm not near an actual kitchen, I tend to lose weight, so this week should be really good.

Another editor's note: I was supposed to post this last Friday, but I got a new editing gig, and paying gigs – and paying the bills – come before blogging. So Carol will be checking in this Friday, and we may keep it like that.

Doesn’t really matter when we check in as long as we do, right? It’s all about being accountable, and it’s easy to hide behind a tiny blog avatar and say you’re a weight-loss blogger when you aren’t losing weight. But big picture: I’m still down 30 pounds from the all-time high and my clothes have been getting looser in the midsection, so I think I’m in a “stuff shifting around” stage.

And I'm forcing my way past the little aches and excitements.

After that heat exhaustion/overdoing it thing last month, I had an echo stress test last week which was fun and exhilarating, in that I didn’t throw up and/or pass out. In fact, the techs said I did really well. The goal was to get to my maximum heart rate (170); I made it as high as 160-something before they shut off the treadmill at 10 minutes. And by that time, the thing was at a pretty fast clip and practically vertical.

The next day there was an email in my medical inbox (Cleveland Clinic has a great online system) saying I passed the test. I tried reading the medical mumbo-jumbo of the test results but I must remind myself ‘’I AM A BLOGGER, NOT A DOCTOR.” But I did read “good exercise tolerance,” so yay, me!

And you know what else that means?

Must get off duff and workout now.