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Taking food off the back burner

It's summer.

My 16-year old son has opted to do nothing this summer.  No camp, no summer school, and that's just fine with him.  He's done something EVERY summer and this is his summer to vegetate.  He is, however, working on computers, building an amazing website, and eating me out of house and home.

He's 16. He can fend for himself.  He does fine with breakfast (if he wakes up before lunchtime).  He'll make a turkey or ham sandwich for lunch, and by 1:00PM, he's calling me to find out what's for dinner.   This is my ONE opportunity to shove a balanced meal down this boy's throat.  For instance last night we had salmon and brown rice and Brussels Sprouts.  "Mom, do I have to eat those?" -- plaintive wail from the boy.  You see, we have a rule at my dinner table. We must eat something green.  To which the boy will most invariably respond, "I'll have a pickle."  But, for dinner last night, I watched with pride as my nearly 6 foot child choked back the four Brussels sprouts I offered him on his plate.

I, on the other hand, am eating on auto-pilot.  I have a protein shake on my way out the door, which lasts me until about 10:30AM.  At noon, I eat a school provided lunch. Garden salad with about a tablespoon of protein.  Then I get the 1:00PM call from the boy asking about dinner.  I don't think about my breakfast, I don't think about my lunch, and now he wants me to think about dinner... I'm rattled.

Lately it's been all about the buy-1-get-1-free chicken tenderloins at my local grocery store.  I buy packages of them and marinate them then freeze them to use at a later time.  I've grilled them, sauteed them, poached them, even put them on a stick and eaten them.  Lately, they're my "go-to" food.  

In reading over this post, I've realized that I really don't think about food. Perhaps that is my problem with food. I am not giving it the attention it deserves in my life.  Maybe if I gave it more attention, I'd have better success at weight loss... any thoughts?