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My evening with Zumba's Beto

"Wow, you're purple!"

That's what the front-desk guy said to me last Tuesday night after my workout. I admit, I do turn a little, uh, purple after a really hard workout. No biggie, I'm not dying, I'm just pushing hard.

Zumba djs setup
The DJs set up before the workout. (It was loud.)

Last week, I had the most awesome opportunity to take a class at Crunch Fitness in Miami Beach. It was a Zumba class led by Mr. Zumba himself, Beto Perez, in celebration of Fitness magazine's 20th birthday.

And immediately, all the wrong stuff started going through my head.

"Will there be cameras there? What should I wear to 'look thinner'? Will I be the biggest one there? Can I keep up?"

Fortunately, I got over myself in the drive down to South Beach (I focused instead on yelling at idiot drivers).

I got there early, so I played "fitness paparazzi" and took out a camera I had stashed in the teeny pocket in my workout pants. Beto showed up and made sure the room was set up properly -- no diva attitude from him at all.


Beto sets up
Beto makes sure the chairs are in the right place.


Beto and me 0512
Beto and me (the purple one), post workout.

The room had to be set up because unlike a traditional Zumba workout, this was the new Sentao workout, which uses a chair. We danced around it, hovered over it for squats, held on to the back for lower-body toning and even spun it on one leg. And it was a killer workout. After the workout, when I got to take a picture with Beto, I said to him "I thought it would be easier with a chair but I was wrong!" He just smiled.

(If you want to see a Zumba Sentao workout in action, check out the video below.)