Wordless Wednesday: More things dieters say
Tunes for Tuesday: Shark in the Water, by V V Brown

We'll just call this a do-over

Ever have one of those weeks, weight-loss wise, that sorta slops over into the next week, then it has you all stressed out over the lack of progress so you start poring over diet books and workout DVDs looking for the "magic one" which stresses you out even more and you just do one of those now-outdated record turntable scratch sounds in your mind...

Record turntable


Yeah. That was me.

Birthday party leftovers, stressing out over my kid's dental X-ray that turned out to be nothing, a healing back strain -- all of that conspired to throw everything off. Exercise, meal planning went out the window and my arm went elbow-deep into a bag of pita chips (it was a big bag).

But I'm back in control today. I kicked off the day with a Perfect Foods Lite bar (have I mentioned how much I love those?) and had a Shakeology for lunch after I went running for the first time in a couple weeks. I had been doing other workouts in the interim but I hadn't run and I really missed it.

I'm heading to a Pilates class in an hour and will follow that with a Greek yogurt and later, a sensible dinner.

And after dinner? That's Public Enemy No. 1 for me, but I bought a couple pints of Arctic Zero and I know I can have a big ol' bowl of it for only 75 calories (the chocolate-peanut butter flavor is amazingly good). And bedtime will be at 11 -- college basketball be damned (I'm a late-night sports viewer).


In golf, a mulligan is a retaken shot on the tee box, usually due to a previously errant one.

That's what we'll call last week.