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Birthday week wrap-up: Pilates and pounds

Birthday cake remains
Stick a fork in it: Back to reality.

How quickly can you gain weight? I'm asking because I stepped on the scale this morning after a weekend of birthday party food and the ensuing leftovers.

5 pounds. Zoinks.

In the past, I'd mope around all day lamenting the gain and wondering how I'll ever get back on track, given that we still have pizza, taquitos, potato chips, birthday cake and assorted evil dips lingering in the kitchen.

But not now. I realize that some of the gain is the "false fat" of sodium and starchy carb bloat (the rest is pizza grease). It's not how I normally eat and I've gotten the thrill of the food out of my system. So that 5 pounds should disappear pretty quickly.

Pretty evolved thinking for a "career dieter." But getting my head in this place took a lot of work, talking things out with my Weight Shrink.

Yet, the thought that someone's healthy eating plan can go so far off the rails in such a short period of time boggles the mind. This is why I can't take my eye off the ball for one second. I did and 5 pounds flew on.

But they will come off.

So, the Pilates part of the headline, what's up with that?

I've avoided Pilates for awhile because of my non-curvy neck.  A lot of the moves are just impossible because I don't bend that way. But after a trip to the Cleveland Clinic walk-in clinic last week for back pain, I knew I had to attack my core strength and stabillity. I don't usually have back pain but this little twinge was bugging me and I was obsessing about it. I mentioned the Pilates to the physician's assistant and she agreed that it'd be good for my core, and in turn, my back. (Don't you love when medical-types suggest exercise instead of drugs?)

I've always wanted to do a "real" Pilates workout, in a studio with the reformers and boxes and barrels. So as a birthday present to myself, I bought 10 sessions at a local studio.

Wow, what a workout.

I had no idea what to expect, and frankly, I thought I'd be in pain after the first session. But it was the opposite of pain. I swear I felt taller and more limber. I also was surprised that my body could do some of the things the instructor was demanding (yes) of me.

I can't say my technique was fabulous or that I could even do all the moves, but the reformer and all the other tools made it easier to keep proper form and not throw anything out. The first class was free and I have nine classes left on my account, so I'm looking forward to see what changes I can make in my core.

And taquitos are not part of the equation.