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Motivation Monday: Suck it up, cupcake!

News flash: You may gain weight if you eat hundreds of calories of chocolate every day for a week.

Scale 110810


So why did I exclaim "What the what?" when I got on the scale this morning and saw that I gained 1.5 pounds? I know all about those delicious 50-calorie chocolate nuggets that permeated my every waking moment last week. Halloween leftovers.

And I didn't get in a whole lot of exercise -- around 125 minutes, down from my usual 200 plus.

But I'll tell you who kicked booty this week -- my sister! She kicked 10 pounds to the curb last week.


Onward and downward for me.

Found out some cool news about Weight Watchers' top-secret new plan that is launching at the end of the month. (Really, WW, who ya kiddin'? Nothing's a secret if you Google hard enough.) Fruits and veggies will be zero Points on its new PointsPlus plan. (Yep, that's the new name -- find out more at my muckraking post.)

I'm pretty sure stuff like Craisins and potatoes will still have to be counted but foods like apples and broccoli will be "free."

That's pretty cool and will go a long way at helping my nighttime "problem." If I'm hungry, I'll grab an apple. I truly don't think that anyone got fat from eating too many apples.

I rejoned Weight Watchers late last week, but this time I'm doing the online version. I've had enough of the Sunday morning #fail sessions in my neighborhood. (Really, lady, I'm sure your cats are adorable and all that, but that's not why I'm here.)

And many of the Weight Watchers success stories that I know of (I'm talking 'bout you, Lynn!) came from Weight Watchers Online.

As you read this (if you're reading it right after I post this), I will be at the gym, sweating off the chocolate while wearing my BondiBand on my head with one of my favorite Biggest Loser quotes ever:

Suck it up cupcake

Actually, the full quote was "Suck it up cupcake. You're not the only fat chick in the room."

And that's what I am doing this week.

But no actual cupcakes.

Maybe some cheese!
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