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Scouting makes you fat

OutdoorSports14/120801 -- Star trails over a backpacking camp in the Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee.

The Scouting diet is not for me. Or anyone else, for that matter.

We just embarked on our first-ever Cub Scout camping weekend. And now my scale is flashing nasty numbers at me whenever I go near it.

It was a weekend of fresh air combined with not so fresh food. Greasy burgers, greasy dogs, greasy pork sandwiches. White bread only. Potato chips and sodas at lunch and dinner. Granola bars for breakfast. Want some more s'mores? Sure! 

By the end of weekend, the only word to describe our diet: Blech!

The reason for our severely limited food choice was due to a pay-as-you-go "grill" that the Scouting council ran at the camp all weekend. It was the weekend's only disappointment, and, for me, a real point of contention with the Scouting organization ... Way to go to turn a natural weekend into something else by eating only unnatural foods! Shouldn't our boys be learning about how to make healthy food choices, whether we're in our family kitchen or cooking over an open fire?

Next time, as they say in scouting, I'll be prepared. A better cooler setup for healthier beverages, fruits and yogurts. A small cookstove for morning eggs or oatmeal. NO meals paid for from the so-called "grill" -- we'll cook our own. How about turkey burgers and multigrain buns? Baked beans instead of chips? Veggie kebabs? Grilled corn on the cob?

I've been thinking of healthier menu options for days now. Come spring, when we roll out the tents again and head for a clearing at camp, I'll be ready.

But I'm still eating the s'mores. Let's not get too crazy.