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Wordless Wednesday: Snackin' it old-school

Motivation Monday: Eat, sleep, move (and a Harley Pasternak bonus)

I'm going to call this week a Non Scale Victory because I gained a half-pound.

But I'm pretty sure I know why.

I'm overthinking the diet again. Too many calories, not enough calories. Too much protein, not enough protein. I need to dumb it down again. So this week I'm going to do nothing but count Weight Watchers Points. I get 28 of 'em and I'm already over 3 for the day.

I'm also not sleeping enough. And we all know how important sleep is for weight loss.

The past couple months I've been averaging 6 hours of sleep a night. Not good. I do much better on 7 to 8 hours. What's keeping me up? Web surfing, TV, laundry, whatnot. So I need NEED to spend less time Tweeting and more time snoozing.

So starting last night, I dialed back bedtime an hour and tonight I'm going to do the same thing (unless of course the World Series game goes late).

What happens when I don't sleep enough is that I slog through the day and working out becomes like pulling teeth.

So, yeah, sleep. More of it. Which will help me to move more. I did barely cram in 200 minutes of exercise last week. I was also overthinking the exercise (what do I do, what do I do?), so I boxed up a whole bunch of unused workout DVDs and shipped 'em off to the Amazon Trade-In program. Less clutter, mo' money.

I tend to overthink things because I have a constant barrage of e-mails, UPS shipments and gizmo deliveries, all promising that THIS will be the one thing that works. And what if it is? So I flit from book to book to DVD to supplement to gizmo like a hummingbird on espresso.

Eat, sleep, move. Simple as that.


On the other hand, my sister must have sucked up all the weight-loss mojo because she has lost 6 pounds just THIS WEEKEND. That's right, Halloween weekend. Good on ya, sis.

And ooh, check out this cool video. Last week I Skyped with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak, who's an absolute sweetheart. We talked about how to stick to your diet and fitness program over these dangerous fall and winter months. There are some great tips of his over at my post on

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