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The (he)art of saying no!

portrait of a woman sitting on the floor beside a plate of cookies

My heart is in it, finally.

I've spent the last five days TRULY saying no to all the extras: the handful of Cheezits, the other handful of Cheezits, the scoop of ice cream, the cookies purchased for the kids' lunches. All of it.

HELL NO! I've said it out loud. I've said it in my head. I've been honing how I say it, almost like an art form. One day I counted about 20 times saying no. How many calories might that have been with a yes, or a maybe, or a just this one? I shudder to think.

It feels different and good to say no. I say it to my kids all the time, but not to myself. And my scale agrees, with three whole pounds mysteriously missing even with very little exerise.

An added bonus, I also started saying no in other daily decisions. No to extra volunteering that would cramp my schedule. No to extra fall candy sale purchases that would cost beaucoup bucks just to get my daughter an extra Girl Scout patch. No to an expensive Chuck E. Cheese playdate on this particularly tight budget week.

Looking back on this landscape of no's, I like it. It's empowering. Surprisingly gratifying. And slimming. Maybe I am even pampering myself by saying no? A novel idea. If the result is that positive, could be.

I'm looking forward to another day of no. I urge you to try it too.