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Pei Wei and Zumba: A cautionary tale

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I had a Zumba DVD that I got from Special K boxtops and I'd seen the infomercials. But I'd never done a live Zumba class before and I was dying to. This morning I had printed out the class schedule at my gym and highlighted classes I'd like to try.

Turbo Kick, shadowboxing, Zumba ... I was looking for something to shake up my treadmill blahs.

I had been meaning to, but never got around to working out today. Laundry, dishes, the usual. Soon it was dinner and the weather was miserable so I ordered takeout for the family from Pei Wei after scouring their nutritional stats (Thai Dynamite with steamed shrimp and brown rice for me.) After I placed the order online I glanced down at the gym schedule and thought: "Hmmm, if we get done with dinner in time, I can still make the Zumba class." Here's the timeline:

6:40: Pick up dinner.

6:50: Come home with dinner and promptly eat it.

7:10: Change into workout clothes and dash off to the gym.

7:30: Zumba!

I was keeping up with the class, sweating my butt off, my heart rate an impressive 140-150 throughout the class.

8:25: A wave comes over me, like nothing I've felt before. (OK, I felt it once before, the day I rammed my head into a metal door and broke my arm racing to pick up my son from school for a dental appointment. Don't ask.)

I sat down on an aerobic step off in the corner and tried hard not to show the class what I ate for dinner. I was dying. OK, I wasn't dying. According to my heart rate monitor, my heart rate was coming down pretty quickly, so it wasn't a heart attack.

While I was sitting with my head in my hands, my dinner was still Zumba-ing in my gut. I crawled off to the ladies room to explode or die or collapse.

A couple of minutes later, I returned to the aerobics room, just to assure the instructor that she didn't kill anyone tonight. I told her my story and we laughed and laughed and laughed.

I'm an idiot.

But I'm also in love with Zumba.