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5 things I have learned while doing Nutrisystem

Nutrisystemfood I've been doing Nutrisystem for the past month, trying out their new Nutrisystem-D program for diabetics. I'm not diabetic but the program can be great for anyone hoping to get their blood sugar down to a healthier level.

I'm switching over to the regular women's program this month, to see the difference.

Problem is, I'm a notoriously bad dieter. I think it's because I have an "all or nothing" approach to plans. Either I'm on 100 percent or I'm off -- and I need to change that mindset. So I'm going to do that this month. I did lose a few pounds in May but not the kind of results that make me happy. June will be better because I feel more in control now. But here are 5 things I've learned while doing Nutrisystem:

  1. Eating more fruits and vegetables is the key to happiness. Sure, some of the entrees may look dinky but if you mix them with a cup of cooked veggies your entree will be far more filling. For instance, I mixed my Pasta Parmesan with Broccoli with a cup of cooked broccoli and turned that little cardboard cup of lunch into a pretty big meal. Plus, the added produce adds to the already substantial fiber content of the Nutrisystem food, so I'm rarely hungry.
  2. I have a whole new appreciation for portion control. Ever since I've been doing Nutrisystem, I've realized that I can get by on smaller meals.
  3. Make the program work for you. This is what I wasn't doing the first month. If we were going to a baseball game and I couldn't smuggle an entree into my handbag I would consider the whole day shot. Now, instead, I think about the day ahead, plan out my meals, and if I can't do a Nutrisystem meal, I plan out a balanced substitute meal.
  4. Dairy products are very filling. For my dairy/protein addition to the plan, I usually reach for 2/3 cup of nonfat Greek yogurt or those great little individual 3/4-ounce pieces of Cabot 50 Percent Reduced Fat Cheddar. Occasionally I'll use an ounce of deli turkey breast wrapped around a carrot or celery stick.
  5. I feel more in control of my diet when I have limited choices. The night before, I grab a breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner from my Nutrisystem stash and know that I won't have to think too much about my eating plan for the day. And even though my day is planned out, I still make sure to journal what I'm eating, because all the add-ins (fruit, veggies, dairy, fat, protein) can add up.