Tunes for Tuesday: Hollywood Swinging, by Kool and the Gang

I'm not one for nostalgia and oldies radio but I make an exception for R&B. It's all I listened to as a kid, and every Friday, after ballet class at Dee Dee's Dance Studio, I'd by a new 45 (that's a vinyl single, kids). This was one of them. Fun fact: I know every single word and "hey! hey! hey!" in this song. I randomly started singing it this morning while cleaning the kitchen and thought you should join in, too.

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Monday brain dump, PMS (WTF?) edition

Random thoughts on a drizzly Monday:

  • Gosh, my head feels so much better now that I'm simply following the principles of Diet Free Life. Balanced breakfast, balanced lunch, balanced dinner and a couple snacks of between 100 and 200 calories. (Today's were a Quest bar for one snack and some Greek yogurt for another one.)
  • I knew something was up when I felt like I spent the entire weekend napping. Turns out my reproductive system STILL isn't done with me. My ovaries threw me a surprise party today. Seriously, I'm 53 years old! Shouldn't this be done by now?
  • And let me tell you, the PMS extended dance mix is no picnic. It's like being extra ravenous for a few extra weeks every month (or whatever). It's why I keep a family-sized clamshell of Organicgirl salad mix in the fridge at all times so I can shove salad in my face when I can't take it any longer.
  • image from ec-cdn-assets.stitcher.comI found a great new podcast that just started around a month ago, The Fit2Fat2Fit Experience, with Drew and Lynn Manning. Drew is the trainer who deliberately gained around 70 pounds to see how the process would be to then lose the weight. He grew up an athletic, fit kid so he really didn't have firsthand experience of being overweight or losing weight, like the clients he works with. At first I thought it was a gimmicky stunt, but after listening to his reasons why I can see why he did it. You can find the podcast on his site or on iTunes, Stitcher and other podcast sites.
  • I haven't stepped on the scale in a week or so -- I'm giving my brain a vacation from stressing about weight. My clothes are fitting a bit better around the midsection, so I'll probably peek at it next Monday.

Well, that's all I got. A giant basket of laundry is giving me the stink eye and a pork shoulder is in the slow cooker about to ding.



Tunes for Tuesday: Hula Hoop, by Brenmar, featuring UNiiQU3

Saw this video at the gym yesterday. The song itself is your typical techno dance stuff but the video makes me want to bust out the FXP Hula Hoop I was sent a few months ago. It's a portable weighted Hula Hoop that comes with a carrying bag, a non-slip mini mat for setting it on its side for standing moves and a DVD. When I was a kid I had an awesome orange Hula Hoop with "shakey-shakey" noisemakers in it, and I haven't hooped since. Maybe I'll give it a go. I'm kind of heartened that the workout poster shows a lot more moves than the around-the-waist, which I can't seem to master.

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Back to living diet free

(Only thing is I don't binge and I don't skip the gym.)


I saw a variation on this message yesterday on Facebook and took it as a sign -- especially the part about "You're going to try new techniques and they're not going to work." 

Because the new technique I've been trying the past month or so hasn't been working for me. I did OK the first couple weeks but then everything slowed and stopped.

I have no idea who wrote this -- all I know is that I needed to read it.

This quote allowed me to email the publicist and tell her I was dropping out of the test. She was super nice about it. 

The book, which comes out next month, is great and I highly recommend it (not sure I can tell you what it is yet) but my warped diet mentality goes back so many decades that I felt my inner rebel throwing monkey wrenches left and right and the craziness welling up again.

Don't get me wrong -- I still weigh out portions and journal my food, but I'm back to following the principles of Robert Ferguson's Diet Free Life. It's not a diet -- hence the name. It's all about eating every three hours or so, making protein the cornerstone of your meals, keeping snacks between 100 to 200 calories and portion control.

This time around I thought I'd do something really novel -- I'm reading all the literature instead of just diving in half cocked.  I'm making sure I'm putting together balanced meals with the right portion size and the right mix of carbs, fat and protein.

My head feels lighter already. That's step 1.