Tunes for Tuesday: The podcast edition!

I've been listening to a lot more podcasts at the gym, so here are some of my latest favorites, which you can either find on the iTunes Store under Podcasts or click on the names to find other sources:

image from wycwyc.comWhat You Can When You Can Podcast: Full disclosure -- I'm friends with Roni (top photo) and Carla (bottom photo) and helped proof-read their new book "What You Can When You Can: Healthy Living on Your Terms." But even if I didn't know them or wasn't intimately aware of their book, I'd still listen to the podcast. The name of the book and the hashtag are self-explanatory. The weekly podcasts are enjoyable little conversations with Carla and Roni, all about fitting in fitness and eating a little healthier no matter the circumstance. You don't have to hit the ground running -- you can walk if you want. Eat an apple instead of that bag of cookies -- or just eat two cookies. Incremental changes add up.

Diet Free Life: This is one of my go-to podcasts and has been for years. Robert Ferguson wants people to life a Diet Free Life, free from the diet mentality that has people either "on" or "off" their eating plan. It's all about balance with his plan that doesn't put much of anything off limits and, like he says, "meets you where you are." His podcasts cover fitness, recipes, grocery shopping strategies, dining out, interviews with celebrities and success stories and dietary advice.  

The Jillian Michaels Podcast: The former "Biggest Loser" trainer has been podcasting for quite awhile, first on an LA radio station and then on her own, and I've been listening the whole time. Fans of her podcast know that the screaming taskmaster on TV is the result of editing. Her real-life self is silly, chatty and passionate about healthy living.

The Virgin Diet Lifestyle Show: I like JJ Virgin's advice on nutrition, and while I don't follow every tenet of hers, I do like a lot of her tips, and since dropping some of her seven foods (wheat, sugar, peanuts and dairy, but not corn or eggs), her meal ideas are useful. I have found, though, that the snippet-sized podcasts tend to repeat themselves so it's a good short-term listen.

Not losing, not gaining, but feeling really good

This is meI hesitantly stepped on the scale yesterday and was surprised and relieved to see, basically, nothing. 

No gain, no loss.

In the super neurotic past, I'd beat myself up that the scale wasn't going down. But I haven't been working on that. And why should the scale go down miraculously on its own? 

I am not one of those people where "the weight just falls off!" (Who are those people, anyway?)

I've been more concerned about not running for the Rolaids or whining about feeling crappy. And after a few months of eating the way I've been eating, I think I finally have it under control.

I'm surprised at how much food I've been not eating and not gaining weight. I'm considering it kind of an experiment. 

I've also been adding back in some of the foods I've been avoiding, just to see how they make me feel. A sprinkle of cheese is fine. A container of flavored Greek yogurt bores me now. I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M WRITING THAT! It's just too sweet and makes me wish it was unsweetened yogurt, which is crazy!

Added sugar tastes too sweet now, and I've learned that if you're not hyper aware, you'll get hit with sugar bombs everywhere. Last week I stopped at a smoothie place that was new to me and ordered one of their green smoothies -- full of kale, avocado, and after I slugged it down, I learned, A BUTTLOAD OF SUGAR. I'm not exaggerating. I checked their website, and they add nearly 200 sugar calories to their smoothies. I was mortified but this, of course, was after I had it for lunch so I logged it and moved on, making sure not to touch anything with added or natural sugars the rest of the day. I've been really keeping an eye on sugars and working to keep each meal low in sugar. Smoothies are naturally higher in sugars from fruit and sometimes the protein powder, so if I do a smoothie I make sure the rest of the day is more "savory."

Wheat and peanut products still make me feel awful, so they're still on the "do no fly list."

Couple other things I've noticed -- my hair is shinier and my skin looks great. I think it might be all the avocado and almonds. Back in the olden days, I'd take the fat out of everything, so much so that I'd see it in the mirror. Back in the fat-free '80s, I was so fat free that the corners of my mouth were cracking and my doctor told me to add some fat back in my diet. I was MORTIFIED. I didn't even know how to do it. Thank goodness the Snackwell Years have subsided. 

So, all that said, I'm super great at maintaining.

So as May comes to a close, I'm making myself a to-do list for June, which includes:

More stretching and yoga: My IT band issues keep flaring up, but it's only on the days when I forget to stretch. I need to make that a bigger priority. So more stretching! I've dug out some stretching and yoga DVDS, and I'm going to do them once or twice a week.

More switching up the cardio: The physical therapist said repetitive motion is not my friend, so I've been switching up my cardio. I've thrown in some Zumba, Hip Hop Abs and step, and I don't tighten up after those because my legs are moving in way more different and fun directions.

More water: Because, duh.

Focus on fat loss: I think it's time. I've done enough "experimenting" and "free eating" and "seeing" and now that I know what bothers me, what doesn't and what sets me off (SUGAR), I'm ready to tighten up the portions and the frequency and the snacking and get to work.